Avior offers transition management services to multi-managers and asset consultants.   These services are best used when a client wants to implement a significant change in the composition of their portfolio, such as:

  • Changing an underlying asset manager
  • Changing a benchmark
  • Moving from active to passive
  • Merging pension funds

Our transition services include a dedicated project manager that engages directly with clients and manages the transition process from start to finish, reporting back to the client on a daily basis.

Project management responsibilities include:

  • Mandates and settlement services
  • Cashflow management
  • Pre-trade reports
  • Trading and settlement
  • Post trade reports
  • Hedging (if appropriate)
  • Implementation shortfall analysis
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

We provide:

  • A cost-effective mechanism for implementing transition
  • Peace of mind during transitions
  • Lower implementation shortfall
  • Managing all service providers, including administrators and dealing
  • Trading services for bonds, equities and derivatives
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Full transparency
  • Full audit trail