Global Trading

Our trading services offer both high-touch and electronic access to over 200 institutional clients, providing them with access to
54 Developed, Frontier and Emerging Africa markets.

All of our processes are MIFID II compliant and aligned to international standards.

Best Execution

Largest 'agency only' brokerage in South Africa and has a Top FIVE Rating in block trades. Avior Capital Markets offers electronic order routing, Direct market access (DMA) and Algorithmic trading.

Unparalleled Market Access​

Our research facilitates 'difficult to do' orders and also provides for better execution. Educated call policy reduce costs when moving difficult stocks. Low cost implementation of illiquid trades.

Derivatives and Fixed Income

Our Derivatives and Fixed income team is recognised as best-in-class. They offer a full spectrum of derivatives and fixed income services with the expertise that goes with understanding the individual financial instruments.

Avior Capital Markets International Limited