Client Complaint Policy

Policy Statement

Avior Capital Markets is dedicated to ensuring that all complaints received are resolved as quickly as possible in a fair and equitable manner.

How to Lodge a Complaint

Your complaint should contain sufficient details including:

  1. The client details and the policy, account or member numbers that relate to the complaint;
  2. Specific details about the nature of the complaint, such as the facts, dates and supporting documentation (letters, quotations, previous correspondence) to enable us to deal with the complaint quickly and fairly;
  3. Proof of any losses sustained;
  4. The solution / remedial action you believe is required to resolve the complaint.



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Complaints Resolution

We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing as soon as possible after receiving the complaint.

Where any complaint received pertains to something out of our control, such as product information or investment performance we will forward the complaint to the product provider concerned and where possible facilitate the resolution process.

We will also investigate the complaint to ascertain whether the complaint can be resolved immediately.

  1. If the complaint can be resolved immediately, we will take the necessary action and advise accordingly.
  2. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately we will send you a written summary of the steps to be taken to resolve the matter and the expected date of resolution.
  3. The complaint will be investigated and we will revert within three working days.

Unresolved Complaints

Unresolved Complaints

In instances where we have not been able to arrive at a resolution within four weeks after you lodged your complaint with us, and we have not provided you with a time frame in which we will respond, you may lodge the complaint with the Director: Market Regulation of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

You should make the complaint to the Director: Market Regulation within 6 months of the conduct in question.



Tel: +27 11 520 7000

Conflict of Interest Policy

Avior Capital Markets is committed to avoiding and where this is not possible mitigating any conflict of interest that may arise between ourselves, as a financial services provider, and our clients when rendering a financial service.

Where such a conflict of interest cannot be avoided the situation will be explained to the effected client(s).

A copy of the complete policy can be requested from