Avior network event: University of the Western Cape (UWC)

The Avior team shares their passion for numbers with the career hungry students at the University of the Western Cape.

Some great potential spotted, says Gareth Visser, Pan-African analyst for Avior.

The networking events are successful and have been enabling young aspiring number fundis to make informed decisions towards their career path in the world of finance.

Avior’s graduate program places an emphasis on learning and graduates are highly encouraged to ‘bother’ more experienced analysts in order to slake any deficiencies in their knowledge of how companies, financial markets, or economies function in great detail. All of this takes place in a relaxed and, surprisingly, shmuck-free environment where openness is encouraged and growth is fostered without the fear of ‘asking a stupid question’, says Gari Chigwedere, graduate at Avior.

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I was very impressed with the insightful questions that were asked and the ambitious attitude shown by the group. I have high hopes for their future careers and it was a pleasure hosting them. – Garth Arenz, construction analyst for Avior.

Avior Networking event - University of Western Cape


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