Harry Plumstead on local economic growth (CNBC Africa)

Our in-house Economist, Harry Plumstead was interviewed on CNBC Africa on the local ecomomic outlook.  "SA growth acceleration is imminent. The combination of a supportive global environment, lower SA inflation and rates, and positive change in political sentiment, introduces substantial upside risk to current SA GDP growth forecasts."  

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Why you should take notice of these cement shares

Africa has a deep infrastructure deficit for which it will need cement. On this episode of the MoneyMakers with Bruce Whitfield he speaks to Gareth Visser, Equity Analyst, Avior about which cement shares will benefit from this deficit and are worth investing in. Click here to view the video.

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Finding value in SA’s listed property sector

Adrian Jardine from Avior Capital Markets and Fayyaz Mottiar from ABSA Asset Management discuss the spate of listings on the property market and whether investors are spoiled for choice – or simply seeing the formation of a bubble. To view part 1 click here. To view part 2 click here.

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Possible Mediclinic Merger

We spoke with Andre Bekker, Equity Analyst at Avior Capital Markets from Johannesburg, to get his take on the possible merger between Abu Dhabi-based Al Noor Hospitals and South Africa's Mediclinic. via Dubai Eye 103.8

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SA Manufacturing under pressure

Cees Bruggemans, Consulting Economist at Avior Capital Markets, discusses August’s mining and manufacturing data and looks at the implications for the broader economy. The SA Manufacturing is under pressure. Click here to access to video.

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SA Corporates views on ESG issues

How relevant are environmental, social and governance / ESG issues in the investment process? Joining CNBC Africa is David Levinson, ESG analyst at Avior Capital Markets.

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Stock Watch

Stephen Gunnion and his guests – Ian Cruickshanks, Independent analyst and Rabi Thithi, Avoir Capital Markets – review the day’s market movements and how this impacts on your favourite stocks. To view the PART 1 video click here. To view the PART 1 video click here.

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