Harry Plumstead on local economic growth (CNBC Africa)

Our in-house Economist, Harry Plumstead was interviewed on CNBC Africa on the local ecomomic outlook.  "SA growth acceleration is imminent. The combination of a supportive global environment, lower SA inflation and rates, and positive change in political sentiment, introduces substantial upside risk to current SA GDP growth forecasts."  

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Economic Thoughts: Post-Traumatic Global Stress

You had to live through 2007-2009 to understand financial failure left many people around the world traumatized. Coming back was never going to be easy. And it hasn't been. The second and third round of resulting traumatizing events are only now playing out. And there are many who still fear far worse to come. To [...]

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Economic Thoughts: Central banks gearing up

The moment to get hawkish never materialised globally. Instead, the doves have seemingly right of way. The Fed may have started liftoff last month, but events since then have taken the world rather in a different direction in a matter of weeks. Central banks will first try soothing words (Carney last week, Draghi this week) [...]

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Economic Thoughts: Birth Pangs 2016

The year wasn't supposed to start like this. One darn thing after another. Not so much crisis stations as having to manage the unexpected, with fallout of course registering in Rand and JSE stock market.   The Big Thing, feared for well over a year, didn't turn out to be the Fed. It managed liftoff [...]

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